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#70 Kenyan National Anthem & What belongs - "African Safari Practicing Adventure" 6/6

Updated: May 6, 2022

By Christy | The Practicing Pro

Read the Blog HERE and get your FREE African Safari Practicing (6 of 6) Adventures.

You can also Watch / Listen to the Live HERE where I share part 6 of how I happened to find myself suddenly teaching music in a remote Kipsigis village in Kenya one day 6 years ago! This time I am sharing what happened after the project in the city and it has a story about chickens!

It's time to release level SIX of the "African Safari Practicing Adventure", and with it - some more stories!

Level SIX to start (your last adventure to complete 100 days) 

You have finished level FIVE and are ready for your award and to proceed on to the next adventure - level SIX. Hurray! Great work!

In case you missed it, you can join here (free for a limited time) to receive the earlier levels:


For all of you who have finished your level FIVE - the award for completing the level is…



This is what it looks like on the PDF - just print, cut out and glue or tape on.

Level 5 completion award PDF

For teachers of parents with multiple children practicing at home, I made a sheet with MULTIPLE lions for you to save paper and make it easy.

Multiple Lions for teachers to print PDF

Here are your celebrations that go with completing level 5.

Learn the Kenyan National Anthem



String Quartet - (for purchase from scoreexchange)  

Let’s take a look at the activities a little closer.

What doesn't belong? - on Safari  

What doesn't belong? - in the Symphony 

I have been enjoying doing this activity with my whole school. Doing an activity together with a parent, a friend, as a family, in a studio, or at a big music school brings everyone together. Students and teachers working together give each other energy, encouragement, and inspiration. At our school, one teacher made a beautiful sign on her whiteboard encouraging her students to remember to do their activities. Other teachers are also participating in the activities and posting them in their classrooms for all students and parents to see. When teachers do and complete an activity themselves, more of their students are motivated to try it and stick with it. When teachers do an activity with their students, they talk about it all the time and are authentically excited about it.

Here are a few photos of teachers at my school and their practice activities.

Send me a photo of any of your levels completed. When you do, we can share it right here. By sharing, you can encourage others with your hard work!

Remember, this is a do-at-your-own-pace activity. If you miss a day, you don't start over. Just continue on and try again the next day. You can do this!!!

In a few weeks, look for the awards for level SIX - the last one. I’ll also share what we are doing to all of the hard work the students have done on their practicing activities at our school, as well as a special surprise for students who completed all 6 levels! I think you will be surprised :)

See you then!


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