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#86 5 Experiments to Motivate your child to Practice in a Challenge

Updated: Jul 3, 2023

By Christy | the Practicing Pro

You can also Watch / Listen to the Live HERE

Have you heard any of these before?

“Do I have to?”

“I don’t want to.”

“Are we done yet?”

“How much longer?”

“This is boring.”

“This is too hard.”

Is it ever hard to get your musician to start practicing? Then, Is it challenging to keep them engaged once you get started? Do they ever think a task should be shorter or do they seem bored or discouraged mid-task before getting to the end?

I have seen over the years that parents’ lives change when families learn how to practice effectively! When you practice with your child, you learn how they learn and build a relationship based on understanding. Those skills will travel with you and make the rest of your life easier.

Let's discover their way, shake it up and keep them engaged!

I have watched families first-hand go from a family with lots of desire and love without much direction to a more organized and focused family. They spend more quality time together learning and sharing with others through music as a result of learning how to practice effectively together.

More than anything else, I want to share this with you starting with a mini-course & challenge that I do with my own teachers and parents at my school. It's amazing and makes a big difference in the success of the students with their parents or teachers when they work together. It's all about understanding how they are motivated and how to make work seem easier for that child.

And here's some exciting news. After you answer the questions each day, you can send me your results and I'll send you back an analysis about how YOUR child is motivated, including specific examples. Amazing!

It can be accessed through Member Vault. It’s a platform that we use to run the course for 5-days. It gives me great insight on how to relay you practicing tips and advice as we interact through the mini-course.

You only have 4 things to do on your end.

1. Register

2. Print the PDF Workbook provided

3. Gather 15 simple blocks or things that can be stacked

4. Invite a friend

This Mini-course is actually a SNEEK PEEK Into a lesson in Module 4 of the 6-week step-by-step practicing online course "Practicing Pro Academy". So we can keep working together right after the mini-course, and you will already have one part completed!

Here is a look into the mini-course to see what things we will learn about and what the experiments you will be doing are based on for each of the five days.

Experiment #1: Unknowns

We’ll talk about how to really observe your child. They sometimes do what they think we want or don't want as a habit. What do they respond to?

Experiment #2: Love my GPS

Does your child focus on what they did or what's left to do? We will talk about really observing and how to work with teens.

Experiment #3: Surprises

We will discuss surprises and how some like them and others don't. Games can help some find fun in the hard work. Others would rather get the work done and then have some fun.

Experiment #4: Encouragement

Talking about the power of words and how they make someone feel. Discouraged and tired or energized and full of confidence. In the practice space, what you say can make a huge difference. This is an exciting day and includes a PDF with examples to use in your experiments to try a few new positive things.

Experiment #5: Competition

Sometimes we want our children to think something, so we assume that they do, but we can be surprised later when we find out they actually think something else! I'll talk about one of my favourite movies and lessons to learn on the last day of experiments.

So that's what's inside. Aren’t you excited to join? I also have a few videos of teens doing the experiments so you can see how to modify them for different ages.

Let's “Level Up” your lessons and/or your home music practicing together in this 5-day mini-course and challenge - learning how your child is motivated. You can click on the link HERE to join Member Vault. This is a platform that holds courses on to purchase. It also has more information about it.

I have enjoyed this mini-course so much and plan to have ALL of my families in my program do this challenge, hopefully at the very beginning of their journey. It’s so good!

~ Natalie

I am here to support you and make sure you have the best practice with your child & students this year! Hope to see you soon inside the mini-course and challenge!

Check out my Free PDF download Checklist for a Successful Music Practice for teachers and practicing parents.

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