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#53 Pumpkin percussion

Updated: May 16, 2022

By Christy | The Practicing Pro

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Who doesn’t love pumpkins and what is more fun than a cool rhythm?

When my children were younger we attended a few African dance and drum workshops. At one of these workshops, we all learned a beat on the djembe. It was so fun and catchy! We enjoyed it so much that we still frequently use it at our school.

The words that go with the rhythm are “walk the fat cat”.

You can make this “walk the black cat” for Halloween and play on a pumpkin drum for even MORE FUN!

I would use this pumpkin percussion to end a lesson or practice. Ending a lesson or practice with some laughter and fun is the best way for a child to see that after all the work, they can enjoy the fun that comes from being able to do something well.

This one is a gem!

All you need is a pumpkin that makes a nice sound when you hit it on it’s side. Different kinds and shapes make different sounds, so if you buy a few then pick them for their “sound” and not for their looks! This is a great segway into the lesson of placing value on what is inside instead of outward appearances

Pumpkin percussion Cards:

Ways to play:

1) Use my pumpkin rhythm cards (two levels) to clap/say and play on the pumpkin the rhythm on each card that you choose at the end of practice.

2) Use the cards and clap/say the rhythms, then play it over and over making a percussion line under one of your songs that works with it.

Try with any piece that’s in 4/4.

Halloween rhythms and pictures - 1
Halloween rhythms and pictures - 2 
Halloween rhythms and pictures - 3 
Halloween rhythms and pictures - 4 

3) Match the cards with the notes to the cards with the pictures - then play them. This is great for young children not reading yet.

Halloween picture to rhythm matching - 1 
Halloween picture to rhythm matching - 2 
Halloween picture to rhythm matching - 3 & Walk the Black Cat 

3) Use the “walk the black cat” rhythm or “Jack - o - lan - tern” also works too!

Try with any piece that’s in 4/4.

Halloween picture to rhythm matching - 3 & Walk the Black Cat 

These are especially fun to use in a group class with someone leading a few players and someone leading a few drummers. It’s a little tricky so choose easier rhythms and easier pieces to start until you get the hang of it.

Have FUN!

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