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#31 Spring Flowers - for reviewing songs

Updated: Jul 12, 2023

By Christy | The Practicing Pro

We learn the easiest and the fastest when we review and repeat.

Learning music is like learning a new language. When you learn a new word, you keep saying it, even the simpler words like milk, mom, and water. You add and add to your vocabulary over time, eventually adding harder and more complex words. You don’t stop saying your first words though. Everything just goes into the mix to create a fluent language.

Repetition brings mastery and muscle memory which also brings ease and confidence to your musician.

Imagine: your musician can sit at the piano and play for hours easily with music or by memory. They can just play music - and enjoy the pieces that they can play easily without effort. They own them and they are theirs to truly express themselves with. Music is truly a language for them.

AMAZING! What a gift!

If you do daily review (I suggest 6 pieces a day) of the pieces that you have already mastered this can be you.

What a gift to give your musician. With this as their foundation, they can now more easily learn and master intermediate and then advanced pieces. Playing will come so much easier for them and with less effort and time. It’s pretty amazing!

No matter what method, book, or music program you are using - whenever more than one player, singer, dancer, etc learns the same thing and does it “together” wow... that's when true magic and connection can happen.

This Mother’s day and for Spring, I have made you a fun FLOWERS review song practicing activity. It will give you a week of easier review where practice will be more FUN.


Here is the PDF download. There are a few versions to make this activity just PERFECT for you. Click here for some Mother's Day gift ideas using this activity.


STEMS AND LEAVES (these are optional)

You can write their review songs on the stems yourself before practice or use the Suzuki book versions I have provided.


1) Print your flowers and stems/leaves that correspond to your instrument, level, and printer.

2) Color, paint, bedazzled etc... (if you used the black and white versions) and cut out the flowers.

3) Cut out the stems that match your instrument and book level OR print a blank version and write in your own.

4) Put stems on a table face down and draw one at a time picking each of your review songs. I suggest 6 per practice but you can always do more.

5) When you have enough make your project.

Click here for Mother's day ideas.

I would love to see a photo of you making or with your completed Spring Flowers. That would make me so happy!

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