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#56 Traditional FEAST percussion cards

Updated: Nov 25

By Christy | The Practicing Pro


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Blog #53 “Halloween Pumpkin Percussion” was so popular and I had many requests to make Thanksgiving pumpkin percussion cards as well too. Here they are!

So, if you missed pumpkin percussion for Halloween and you need something FUN, fast and easy for a traditional Thanksgiving dinner, I’ve got your back! (You can also use these for Christmas or Easter dinner!)

WARNING - Don’t do this activity when you are hungry because it's all about the foods you might eat at a big Thanksgiving feast! Being hungry would be torture!

If you are in need of making your practicing with your children more FUN or your practices normally are FUN but you just don’t have the time this week, then this quick activity is for you.

Just print the PDF cards below and grab a real pumpkin, plastic container with a lid or a drum (anything that makes a nice sound) and have some fun at practicing time - they will be sad when it's over!

NOTE for teachers:

Talk about a traditional Thanksgiving dinner in general and not THEIR Thanksgiving dinner. Some children might not be having a big dinner and could feel sad.

Be sensitive to your student's situations and have a quick story in your back pocket about a year you didn’t have a big dinner and how that was also fun. I would like to share that a few times our family has had a pizza party or made sushi for our Thanksgiving dinner for various reasons.

Two ways to play:

1) Use my pumpkin rhythm cards (two levels included) to clap/say and play on the pumpkin the rhythms of different food names that they might have in a traditional dinner/feast.


2) Use the cards and clap/say the rhythm, "peas with butter".

Play it over and over, making a percussion line with this rhythm under one of your regular songs that your child/student plays easily for some great fun. Any piece that’s in 4/4 should work with this rhythm.

The Nova Scotia Youth Ambassadors made a music video that's worth watching! Check it out right HERE and listen for the Djembe drum at the end that plays this exact rhythm.

This one is especially great for group classes and older players. If you do this with younger students, it works well IF they have a teacher/parent to lead each part. It's tricky!

PDFS to print:

Feast percussion cards (1)  
Feast percussion cards (2) 
Feast percussion cards (3)  
Feast percussion cards (4)  
Feast percussion cards (5)  
Feast percussion cards (6)  
Feast percussion cards (7)  

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